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Les inRocks (twitter) "Quiet Please: discovery of the day. We recommend you listen to this track (Pray For Me) and more."
Crumb! "Check out Pray For Me music video created by projecting DIY lights and shadows on the band."
newdust.com "Quiet Please is a tad difficult to really classify as purely electro, pop, or any combination of the two. Pray For Me recalls a muted Grizzly Bear to mind, if they had more drum machine. The light and easy vocals are in english, making it hard to remember that the members are, indeed, french. This is a solid debut effort from a new band for aspiring francophiles to latch on to."
obscuresound.com "Phoenix makes punchy alt-rock from France seem like the norm, and Quiet Please seem to support that with the suavely infectious Pray For Me, the opening track on their debut EP. With wordless melodic croons, scratchy guitar distortion and minimalist drums, Pray For Me begins like a vintage Strokes effort. The repetitive guitar serves as a comfortive numbness, as listeners become slowly aware of the imminent songwriting expansion. Pray For Me is an addictive effort that continues to bolster the reputation of France's indie-rock scene."